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Many who want to buy this or that prohibited product are faced with a problem that concerns the replenishment of the account and the purchase process. In most cases, you need cryptocurrency to buy goods on sites like KRAKEN, but this problem was solved on the main darknet market. It is worth considering in more detail the issue of replenishing the balance of the kraken and buying goods on this site

How to fund vk03.io account if there is no cryptocurrency and buy goods?

As mentioned above, the calculation for the KRAKEN between the seller and the buyer takes place in cryptocurrency, this is done so that all transactions are anonymous. But if you do not have crypto, then you can still replenish the balance of your account. To do this, you need to use an exchanger. The exchanger allows you to exchange, for example, your savings from the SBER card for the KRAKEN currency. It is easy to do this, there is a corresponding section on the site, where you choose a currency, indicate the amount, make payment according to the details and receive money to your account minus the commission. The next step is to select a product and make a purchase. It is not difficult to choose a product, for this, everything is on vk01.io Products are divided into dozens of categories, just choose the one that matches your request. Then we choose from whom we will buy. All sellers have a rating, reviews, the number of transactions is indicated. After paying for the goods, you will be provided with a geolocation where you can pick up the products. The transaction is valid for 24 hours, during this time it is necessary to pick up the goods and close the transaction with a review about the seller.